With this weather we are all prone to an Irish tan, sunburn. Now we can all miss a spot or forget to reapply Spf (should be every 2 hours if not swimming AND BROAD SPECTRUM SPF LAST UP TO SIX HOURS) .

What to do…

Baking soda bath. Yes baking soda works at heal the skin and reduces oh level. Lil bit of Epsom salt to. Try to air dry after to leave on skin

Aloe. It cools. Not my first go to as find you need to reapply all time.


To lessen the ouch try taking aspirin or ibreprohen if swelling.

Vinegar is great at taking the ouch away. You do swell like chip shop but worth it.

Coconut oil. The stretch in skin is harsh but coconut helps to alleviate that and heal skin faster.

Topical vitamin e. Make sure your cream is high in vitamin e.

Milk compress. Take damp cloth with milk and apply on burn. Helps soothe and heal.

Analgesic spray. It numbs area but Re application is necessary.

In NYC, I used to use a cream called noxema. I swear by that, baking soda and vinegar.


Have you a cure for burns??