1. Kinvara Skincare
    Right so I have had the products about two weeks, and been hormonal, which is a trying time on my skin. In saying that… I have two new favorite products!

    Now my review….
    Firstly its Irish made and researched – where el…se, Kinvara. Created by an Irish woman, Joanne Reilly, developed the range because she needed ‘serious rehydration and moisturisation’, and couldn’t find anything else to deliver what her skin required. AND SHES IS A SCIENTIST with qualifications in cosmetic formulation, and experience in Asia where she saw firsthand the amazing potential of plants in skincare.

    Secondly, I love knowing what is going on my skin. I love Rosehip oil. I love that you turn the bottle and you can see its got rosemary and other known extracts.

    Thirdly, its oil based, so no emulisfiers and fillers and water. It’s a lot bang for your buck.

    There are only three products in the range – (definitely think they should do a mask and scrub!). But it makes skincare easier.

    My favorite – the serum is to die for. I love Rosehip and see the benefits. You cannot fault it. However a lil lil lil bit only. It is better than Trilogy

    The cleanser is oil based. So those who love Liz Earle and the like will adore. However I did find you could over pump fairly easy. So be careful.. only a few drops. Also I highly recommend purchasing Dermalogica Facial Sponge Cloth – as it will make your like easier. You should always remove oil with a warm cloth. This unlike muslin cloths is easier on the skin and non abrasive. Plus it dries to cardboard with no chance of bacteria transfer and its machine washable – only 8 e. I used it as my first cleanse and then washed with my regular cleaner. Make up etc came right off, and lovely glow.

    Now people are leery of oil cleansers – but they are great and DO NOT CLOG THE SKIN. Women like Sofia Loren swear by oil. Worried – stop in and we will show you.

    I would recommend anyone who has highly sensitive skin for a patch test. The rosemary can be aggravating, but otherwise its very uplifting.
    The day cream strong smells, but nourishing. There is no SPF, but its hard to place an spf in an organic product.

    Price is VERY good for the ingredients in the products. Its which is anti-aging, and contains plant oils, vitamins and natural hyaluronic acid to plump up and moisturise the skin.

    You can get your hands on Kinvara Skincare from the website or from healthfood shops like Nourish or Evergreen. The cleansing oil is €20, the day cream is €24 and the serum is €28. Its great to get brilliant products with the research behind it and that is home grown. I hope they expand it slighly. As I said – the serum and cleanser are my new must haves.