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  • General

    If you are going to be late for an appointment please phone and let us know as you may lose your appointment. We are happy to offer gift vouchers for all our treatments. These can be presented in money value or by treatment name. Products cannot be purchased with a gift voucher. Gift vouchers are non-refundable and are valid for 6 months. Specials are liable to change on a daily basis.

    Q. Do I need to bring anything with me for my treatments?

    A. When having a pedicure you are advised to wear flip-flops to allow your nails to dry easily. When having tan applied it is advisable to wear lose fitting garments, preferably dark colours, and flip-flops. If having a body scrub, wrap or seaweed bath, a bathing suit is needed. Men are advised to bring shorts for massages

  • Cancellation Policy

    Q. What is the cancellation policy?

    A. We understand if our clients cannot keep appointments. We also wish to serve clients who may be on a waiting list. We would appreciate it if you could advise us at least 24 hours prior to any cancellation. Unfortunately, if we are not given sufficient notice to re-book an appointment, a 100% cancellation fee will be incurred. Vouchers provided from a different source such as LivingSocial – it is a 48 hour cancellation.

  • Pregnancy

    Q. Can you have a massage/facial/ treatment when you are pregnant?

    A. Yes you can most treatments when pregnant. At Oceana we use no essential oils or any contraindicative products to pregnancy. Massages are fine after the first trimester. As always consult your Doctor should you have any worries or conditions.

    Q. What relaxing treatment would you suggest for my friend who is expecting?

    A. In the later stages of a pregnancy a pedicure is a wonderfully relaxing treatment, gives relief to those swollen ankles and painting the nails are hard to achieve over that bump by yourself!! Massages are great for the back, and facials for overall relaxing.

  • Waxing

    Q. How long should my hair be for waxing?

    A. Our strip wax can remove hairs as short as 4mm. Everyone has a different growth cycle but we are generally able to wax areas that have been shaved one week earlier. However with larger parts of the body like arms or legs, we suggest leaving it three weeks before waxing.

    Q. Can I go on the sunbed after waxing?

    A. No – you must wait at least 24 hours as waxing is a heat treatment and you could have a reaction.

    Q. I’m Pregnant but want a bikini wax – what do you recommend?

    A. Waxing during pregnancy is fine, our therapists are trained to ensure that the parts of the body are waxed comfortably and safely.

    Q. What aftercare do I need to follow?

    A. Exfoliate your skin between waxing sessions. No hot baths of showers, steam room, sunbathing, self tan for 24 hours. Avoid touching the area, doing aerobatics + excessive perspiration, wearing tight clothing (Jeans, tights etc) or wearing make-up for 12 hrs.

  • Microdermabrasion

    Q. What is Microdermabrasion?

    A. The treatment involves the use of a fine crystal projected at the skin to gently exfoliate the upper layers of the epidermis, leaving a silky smooth finish. Alternatively, a hand piece encrusted with aluminum oxide crystals is moved across the skin yielding the same results. The treatment is totally painless with no downtime for the client. Exfoliation is a natural process, the microdermabrasion treatment simply speeds up this natural process accelerating the production of collagen, elastin and new skin cells. The treatment can be used to improve the appearance of:

    • Fine lines
    • Mild scarring
    • Sun damage
    • Uneven skin tones
    • Brighten dull and tired skin

    Q. Is the treatment painful?

    A. No, not at all. The treatment does not puncture the skin’s surface, therefore there is no downtime for the client. We do ask that you not exercise 24 hours after treatment. There will be redness associated with the skin – however it last for an hour or so. Reactions happen only if allergic to aluminum – and therefore you cannot have it.

    Q. How long does the treatment take?

    A. This depends on the area to be treated. The facial area takes approx. 30 minutes.

    Q. How many treatments are required?

    A. Typically, a course of 3 to 5 treatments are recommended every 10 to 14 days with a monthly maintenance thereafter.

    Q. What does the treatment involve?

    A. Following an initial consultation the skin is cleansed. The system levels are set, and the treatment proceeds. Following treatment the skin is rinsed and a Skin Mask is applied. Finally, a moisturizer and SPF30 sun-block are applied to the treated area.

    Q. Anything I should avoid before the treatment?

    A. Discontinue the use of any exfoliation products such as those containing fruit acids, glycolic acid or retinol (Vitamin A). IF you have any Eczema, Active acne, Rosacea or any abrasions you may be contra-indicated – please be honest with your therapist during the initial consultation. Asthma is also a contra-indicated. Please advise if you are a smoker too.

  • Tanning

    Q. Which is the best tan to get?

    A. It really comes down to personal preference. We have three shades, Golden, Dark and Supreme. We have an olive based tan as well. Tan is like perfume – it works differently on your own reaction to skin. Colour will darken a little overnight. The spray tan is sprayed on in our private tanning room and develops overnight.

    Q. How long does it take to work?

    A. The best advice for all of the tanning treatments that we offer is to leave them on overnight to develop and wash the guide colour off in the morning. You must suds up to evenly remove the guide colour. If you get the tan done first thing in the morning, and leave it on 8-10 hours you could wash it off before bed, but it would be better to leave overnight.

    Q. What do I wear coming to the salon?

    A. Wear old, dark, loose clothes and flip-flop type shoes.

    Q. How do I prepare myself for tan?

    A. Regularly exfoliate your skin and moisturize. On day of treatment make sure the skin is void of moisture, deodorant and perfume to achieve the best results.

    Q. I am getting married on a Saturday, when should I get my tan done?

    A. Thursday evening last thing would be the perfect time, we could be able to book you in as late as 7.30pm, this would allow you to then go home and have less chance of you having to wash hands or rubbing the tan, etc. If you felt that you wanted the tan darker or touched up we still have time, we don’t want you having any extra worries at the last minute on such an important day!

    Q. Can I get my tan done on the same day as my waxing?

    A. Not a good idea. We would recommend that you have your waxing done 24hrs before your tanning treatment. If you have not had waxing done before we would recommend that you have it done 2 days before tanning to allow time for any redness in the skin that may occur after the waxing to reduce.

    Q. Can I get my tanning done while I am pregnant?

    A. Congratulations! We have a lot of clients booking in tanning treatments during their pregnancy who have consulted their doctors. We use an organic tan so its so so so safe – but everything in moderation – and being that smells can effect pregnant women – please note that too.

  • Gift Certificates

    Q. How long is the gift certificate valid for?

    A. Six months from date of purchase if directly from the salon.

    Q. Can I have a gift certificate sent out directly to my friend and pay over the phone?

    A. Yes, as long as you have a laser or credit card, we process the payment over the phone and send out the voucher. You can of course pay online.

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