Cien Sos Hand Concentrate…Review

#Lidl SOS #Hand Concentrate

As always I love trying out supermarket brands as well as high end.

We all want to snag a bargain!!


I saw this and said why not? Being in the biz of beauty, you are constantly washing hands, using cleansers, etc. Also being a mother, hands take a beating.

Now I’m a big fan of Palmers. My African American pals put me on to it over 30 years ago, as for their ashy skin it completely hydrates and softens. And you feel you are in the tropics from the smell….and it’s affordable under 5€

So I was hopeful…

And I threw it away.

The smell was revolting, like an embalming smell. It’s texture is like Vaseline, whilst it absorbed after much rubbing and rubbing, I felt I had to wash my hands to get them clean. Tacky…

Safe to say, no. Just No.

Yes its cheap, but there are more beautiful and better products out there.

Now I’m not giving up on Cien…I’m trying out other products…but I’ll give this a MISSSSSSSS.